Ernie Franke's Conservation Modules

Pinellas Chapter member Ernie Franke has rallied the residents of his condominium complex, The Shores of Long Bayou, to become active conservationists. Together they have planted native plants in and around the Shores' stomwater ponds, making them more friendly to wildlife, more biodiverse, and no longer dependent on chemical treatments to keep them algae-free. They have removed a dense infestation of invasive Brazilian pepper plants that once choked their nature trail. The result has been more critters to watch, more aesthetically pleasing grounds, and overall a healthier environment.

A big part of Ernie's success has been in educating the residents about the many tangible benefits they will accrue from better management of the ponds. He has compiled his educational information into "conservation modules" that can help anyone with a stormwater pond to manage it more sustainably.

Published on  03.08.2016